sweeps, sweeping, swept
1) VERB If you sweep an area of floor or ground, you push dirt or rubbish off it using a brush with a long handle.

[V n] The owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in...

[V n prep/adv] She was in the kitchen sweeping crumbs into a dust pan...

Norma picked up the broom and began sweeping. [Also V n with adv]

2) VERB If you sweep things off something, you push them off with a quick smooth movement of your arm.

[V n prep/adv] I swept rainwater off the flat top of a gravestone...

[V n prep/adv] With a gesture of frustration, she swept the cards from the table...

[V n prep/adv] `Thanks friend,' he said, while sweeping the money into his pocket.

3) VERB If someone with long hair sweeps their hair into a particular style, they put it into that style.

[V n prep/adv] ...stylish ways of sweeping your hair off your face...

[V-ed] Her long, fine hair was swept back in a ponytail.

4) V-ERG If your arm or hand sweeps in a particular direction, or if you sweep it there, it moves quickly and smoothly in that direction.

[V prep/adv] His arm swept around the room...

[V n prep/adv] Daniels swept his arm over his friend's shoulder.

[V-ing] ...the long sweeping arm movements of a violinist.

Sweep is also a noun.

With one sweep of her hand she threw back the sheets.

5) VERB If wind, a stormy sea, or another strong force sweeps someone or something along, it moves them quickly along.

[V n prep/adv] ...landslides that buried homes and swept cars into the sea...

[V n prep/adv] Suddenly, she was swept along by the crowd.

6) VERB If you are swept somewhere, you are taken there very quickly.

[be V-ed prep/adv] The visitors were swept past various monuments...

[V n prep/adv] A limousine swept her along the busy freeway to the airport.

7) VERB If something sweeps from one place to another, it moves there extremely quickly. [WRITTEN]

[V prep/adv] An icy wind swept through the streets...

[V prep/adv] The car swept past the gate house.

8) VERB If events, ideas, or beliefs sweep through a place, they spread quickly through it.

[V through/across n] A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow.

[V n] ...the wave of patriotism sweeping the country.

9) VERB If someone sweeps into a place, they walk into it in a proud confident way, often when they are angry. [WRITTEN]

[V prep/adv] She swept into the conference room...

[V prep/adv] Scarlet with rage, she swept past her employer and stormed up the stairs...

[V prep/adv] The Chief turned and swept out.

10) VERB If a person or thing sweeps something away or aside, they remove it quickly and completely.

[V n with adv] The commission's conclusions sweep away a decade of denials and cover-ups...

[V n with adv] In times of war, governments often sweep human rights aside...

[V n prep] He swept the names from his mind.

11) VERB If lights or someone's eyes sweep an area, they move across the area from side to side. [mainly WRITTEN]

[V n] Helicopters with searchlights swept the park which was sealed off...

[V prep/adv] Her gaze sweeps rapidly around the room.

12) VERB If land or water sweeps somewhere, it stretches out in a long, wide, curved shape.

[V prep/adv] The land sweeps away from long areas of greenery.

[V prep/adv] ...the arc of countries that sweeps down from South Korea to Indonesia.

13) N-COUNT: with supp A sweep of land or water forms a long, wide, curved shape.

The ground fell away in a broad sweep down to the river.

...the great sweep of the bay.

14) VERB If a person or group sweeps an election or sweeps to victory, they win the election easily.

[V n] ...a man who's promised to make radical changes to benefit the poor has swept the election...

[V to n] In both republics, centre-right parties swept to power, defeating the communists.

[V n to n] ...voters nostalgic for the free-spending policies of the 1980s swept his Socialists back to power.

[V-ing] ...a sweeping victory.

15) N-COUNT: usu sing If someone makes a sweep of a place, they search it, usually because they are looking for people who are hiding or for an illegal activity.

Two of the soldiers swiftly began making a sweep of the premises...

There may be periodic police `sweeps' of crime in the area.

16) N-SING: with supp If you refer to the sweep of something, you are indicating that it includes a large number of different events, qualities, or opinions.

...the whole sweep of German social and political history.

17) See also , chimney sweep
18) PHRASE: V inflects If someone sweeps something bad or wrong under the carpet, or if they sweep it under the rug, they try to prevent people from hearing about it.

For a long time this problem has been swept under the carpet.

19) PHRASE: PHR n, usu v PHR If you make a clean sweep of something such as a series of games or tournaments, you win them all.

...the first club to make a clean sweep of all three trophies.

20) PHRASE: V inflects If someone sweeps you off your feet, you fall in love with them very quickly because you find them very attractive or exciting.

I was swept off my feet. I had always dreamed of being an officer's wife.

21) to sweep the boardsee board
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